Mexico Passes Bill to Lighten Minor Drug Possession Laws.

On the same day he announced the Swine Flu “epidemic” Cauldron passed 60 some bills through their Congress. Among those was a bill to cut back on enforcement against minor drug possession while increasing enforcement against major drug violations. He attempted to pass the bill in 2006 as well, noting that enforcing minor possession did little if anything to deter people from having drugs, and overcrowded prisons and bogged down justice system. However he did not sign the law due to pressure from the Bush Administration. Cauldron has not yet signed the bill, the Obama Administration though has not put any pressure on him not to, and Cauldron is expected to sign it soon. Over five thousand people died as a direct result of the war on drugs last year, they are on a similar pace for 2008. Reminder: 2754 people died in 911, and we still are reeling from it nearly 8 years later.


askcherlock said...

If they can get a bill passed against Bogarting then I will be a believer.

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